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Dr. Anuradha Reddy
Chairperson, Diabetes Foundation
Survey No 228,Door No 4-3/A,Khanapur
Hyderabad 500075
Telengana, INDIA
Mobile : +91 9849180610
E-mail : diabetesfoundation@gmail.com
Tribal People Welfare :

Tribal People Diabetes Foundation Charitable Trust works for the development of tribal communities and other backward people in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam District of Andhrapradesh, India since the last 16 years. It undertakes activities such as short stay homes for women, crèche centers, ashram schools, primary and secondary schools, a college, hostels and self employment programs within its premises.

HIV & Cancer Services :

Our scope of work is fight against HIV/AIDS and CANCER. We aim to shower everyone's life with brightness, love, care and affection. Diabetes Foundation Charitable Trust works response to HIV / AIDS and Cancer, dedicated to continuous improvement and informed by evidence and the needs of affected communities by conducting awareness programs, giving medicines, moral support and all necessary need based to prevent HIV / AIDS and CANCER.

Diabetes Services :

Tribal People Diabetes Foundation Charitable Trust dedicated to diabetic foot care. At Diabetes Foundation, it is our vision to bridge the widening gap that's governed by changing social patterns and aggravated by modern day stress. Over a short period of time, we have made commendable inroads in this mission with the help of nationwide awareness campaigns. Every Diabetes Foundation event is multi-dimensional and offers a fair mix of expert medical advice, checkups, demos, product exhibits and patient education. For a nation, which is fraught with ignorance on life-threatening diseases, even as far as basic issues like early symptoms, tests, diet and exercise go, Diabetes Foundation has much ground to cover. Health awareness and patient empowerment are perennial tasks and our tryst for a disease-free generation will continue undaunted with the active support of like-minded partners from healthcare, social organizations and strategic alliances to support our cause from time to time.

Women Programs :

Tribal People

  • Conducted several screening programs for tribal women
  • Conducted several family planning operations and given incentives
  • Conducted Cervical cancer screening programs
  • Conducted Bone densitometry tests
  • Conducted multi specialty medical camps
  • Conducted antenatal programs for pregnant women
  • Conducted anaemia screening programs
  • Conducted low cost nutritious food programs
  • Nutritious foods and supplements were distributed
  • Conducted breast cancer screening and awareness programs
  • Given live programs on radio to rural women on health and nutrition

Senior Citizens :

Tribal People Diabetes Foundation is working towards the welfare of Senior Citizens / Elderly in Greater Visakhapatnam and making an effort to expand its activities to the national level. Unifying and strengthening the comprehensive welfare activities of senior citizen and their organizations under one banner and leadership, and utilizing their precious knowledge, wide experience, wisdom, energy and skill for welfare of the society in general and Senior Citizen in particular. Encouraging regular social interaction of Senior Citizens in the neighborhood.

  • Physical, mental, financial, general wellness and neglect abuse prevention for senior citizens.
  • Assistance to senior citizens at home, from health care, repairs, meals, errands and more.
  • General safety, driving safety and emergency response programs keeping senior citizens safe from harm.
  • Providing senior citizens with psychosocial needs and maintaining the experience of joy.

Physically Challenged :

Tribal People to highlight the problems faced by persons with disability, share personal experiences and provide practical solutions. Diabetes Foundation working for hearing, mentally, visually, multiple orthopedically handicapped, covering medical, educational, economic, resources sectors. Also believes that both disabled and non disabled can and should work together. By Conducting continuous camps, develop self confidence among the disabled and to remove doubt in their own capabilities so that they can become self employed, self dependent, self respected, and live a normal life.

No effort or priority is being made to give them a better world - a small gift of a hearing aid, wheelchair or Braille kit will make a difference.

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